Your Film Business On Rocket Fuel w/ Mark C. Winters

October 2, 2017

If you’re like me, and most other creative business owners, you’re really good at starting projects, but not always at following through on them. You have a ton of amazing ideas but most of them never get acted upon, and it feels like if only you could find the time to actually implement these thoughts your business would be unstoppable.

If that sounds familiar, it’s completely normal. You’re most likely what Mark Winters calls a Visionary.

Mark is the co-author of a book called Rocket Fuel, where he and his co-author Gino Wickman detail the two essential roles that need to be filled for any business to truly thrive. As we discuss, most business owners and entrepreneurs are Visionaries, people who excel at coming up with ideas, but often lack the focus to follow through on the details and execution.

That’s where the Integrators comes in. As Visionaries, these are the people we need to hold us accountable, and who excel at seeing that the grand ideas get put into practice in our businesses.

Mark and I talk about how to know when it’s time to seek out an Integrator, how to find and make use of an one in your business – even if that business only consists of you, and some common hiring mistakes small businesses make, along with a ton of other insight.

Does the Visionary role resonate with you? Have you ever hired someone who fit perfectly into the Integrator role? What results did that have on your business? Leave a comment below the post!


In this episode:

The difference between Visionaries and Integrators and why both are essential in successful businesses and partnerships

How to know when you need to start looking for an Integrator, and what characteristics you should be looking for

How to make the Integrator/Visionary model work even in a small 1 or 2 person company

Why you can’t only hire people that you like and resonate with, and some of the consequences



“It’s so hard for us to realize that all the stuff that drives us nuts, there’s actually somebody out there, that’s what they love!” [14:19]

“It’s the simple math problem that says, ‘If I can pay $25/hr to have somebody do that and I can get an hour, what can I do with that? What could I generate with that hour?’ It’s probably way more than $25, and worst case it’s an hour of freedom.”  [17:56]



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