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Studio Sherpas will help you get the jobs you want, scale your video business, and enjoy the process

Grow Your
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You want to grow your business, but you work a ton of hours already - finding jobs, shooting, and editing, and you’re not getting paid what you’re worth.

There are clients you really like working with, but it seems there aren’t enough of them … so you take whatever jobs will pay the bills.

You find it difficult to split your time between the “business” part of your business, and the creative part.

You’d like to build a team, so you can hand off some of your tasks, and your business can sustain itself.

You know you need a better marketing process, but you don’t want to become a sleazy salesperson.

Studio Sherpas is here to help you change all of that. We’ll teach you our repeatable processes that have helped thousands of business owners earn more on each job, find the work they want, and scale their business to the expert level they want to be at, without sleazy sales.



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Embrace the Mess to Find Your Greatest Success


Today’s guest is someone you may have heard of. That’s because Jasmine Star has nearly 1 million social media followers. She’s crushing it helping businesses grow, especially on social media. Her passion and goal is in helping people like you and me build and monetize a fulfilling business that they can be proud of.