Are You Clear On The Core Values Of Your Business? Here’s Why You Need To Be w/ Chad Brown

March 5, 2018

Most of us think we know what marketing is, and are all too familiar with the not-so-great feelings many of us as creatives feel in the pits of our stomach when thinking about how to “market” ourselves. But what if we have it all wrong? Today’s guest flips the notions we have of what marketing means and what it entails on their face, and boils it down to two very simple but powerful words. Human Connection.

Chad Brown is owner and creator of Shade Tree Films but still prefers the moniker storyteller to filmmaker even after over a decade in the business. Another title that he should have is marketing maven and boy does he deliver today. We get into it right off the bat where when he redefined marketing and what it should really be for creatives, gives us tips on what we should jump into right away when it comes to marketing, and even breaks down exactly what it takes to connect with people and how you can redefine your business and yourself through that practice.

We also dive deep into core values, how you define them, why they need defining, how they can be crucial to your growth professionally and personally, and what you can expect when you go against them. This is an episode that we ALL really need to hear because it is insanely valuable and can have immediate positive results within your business and life.

What are your core values as a person and as a business? How did you come up with them and how have they helped you both personally and professionally? Have you noticed what happens when you don’t honor them? Leave us a comment!

In this episode:

  • How creatives should be marketing themselves
  • One simple thing you should be doing at the end of every project to improve your business and get more of the clients you want
  • Why marketing and branding may be more important than your work itself
  • A few things you should jump into right away when it comes to marketing
  • How can you truly connect with people and why that’s important
  • How defining your core values, both professionally and personally, is crucial to your growth
  • The importance of clear, defined, and respected boundaries with your clients


“It’s been a journey learning what marketing is, and it seemed like every time I thought I’d figure out what marketing was, the next couple of days, next couple of months, or the next year, I’d figure out that that’s not actually what it is and there is something so much deeper with marketing.” (9:04)

“Connection only happens through transparency and vulnerability, if there is anything else in the mix, there are going to be stumbling blocks to that connection.” (15:00)

“What these core values became was actually a measuring stick. So, what happens is when the potential of a job comes in or a new client, new project, something like that, we have the opportunity to take that job, or opportunity, or that project and measure it against these five core values and as long as a project is aligned with these five core values it’s a great fit.” (26:59)

“It’s often hard to identify the places in which you can improve and the only way you can find out how you can improve for your future clients, in my opinion, is finding out from your current or past clients where you can improve.” (44:37)


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