What It Really Means To Be A Boss w/ Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson of Being Boss

December 10, 2018

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Wearing the badge of “The Boss” is not something that came easily to me. Even though I had been employing others for a long time, it took me years before I was comfortable with that title. I know I’m not alone in this. If you’ve ever struggled with owning the title of “boss,” then tune in to this week’s episode for some solid advice from the hosts of the wildly successful podcast “Being Boss.”

Being Boss is the creation of “business besties” Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, who started their podcast to help bosses like you and me navigate the murky waters of running a business. Their dedicated audience has downloaded their podcast’s 200-plus episodes over 6 million times. I’m so excited to have Kathleen and Emily on my show as they’ve been instrumental in helping countless creative entrepreneurs break the mold and find success on their terms.

As the boss, identifying what works and what doesn’t is going to help you make it or break it. We talk about what it takes to wear the title of “boss” and the habits, mindsets, and routines needed to make it fit. We chat about what makes us different as business owners and how to use the entrepreneurial gifts at our disposal.

Did you struggle to identify as a boss in your own company? Tell me about it in the comments!

In this episode:

  • How and why Kathleen and Emily started their own podcast to help fellow creative entrepreneurs
  • What sets entrepreneurs apart and how to make use of those talents and gifts that you have
  • How to meet and deal with the challenges that inevitably come with being in a partnership
  • Methods to position yourself as an expert so that you can stand apart from the crowd, even if you don’t yet have the expertise
  • Understanding that it is a good thing to have a niche and how to develop and define it
  • The importance of building strong relationships with people that you can share your entrepreneurial experiences with


“I don’t know what the line is, it’s kind of a fuzzy line, but there is a line between those of us who are here doing this and everyone else who is out working a day job at a corporation.” [13:40]

“I would rather see two or three really great pieces that you can own that give me a sense of your style and voice than ten different projects that dilute your portfolio.” [31:15]

“The more you can communicate to your client what is going into the shoot, what your vision is, the more you can get on the same page … the more efficient everything is going to go, the better sign-off you’re going to get.” [48:17]

“If you’re not being paid to create the thing that you want, go ahead and create it anyway. Get your friends together and make the thing.” [49:44]


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