Why You Need To Understand The Science Of Storytelling w/ Patrick Moreau

July 23, 2018

One of the biggest mistakes filmmakers tend to make nowadays is forgetting the importance of storytelling. Storytelling has a rich human history and it is something that today’s returning guest, Patrick Moreau, is passionate about helping other filmmakers discover. In this episode, Patrick walks us through why we need to understand the science of storytelling and how that knowledge will help us land bigger and better jobs.

Patrick founded Muse Storytelling, and has recently launched a free course for filmmaking walking through the effects story has on the human mind. The ‘Expert of Storytelling’, Patrick has a highly esteemed portfolio including work for Canon, the United Nations and the NFL and is a master of delivering results-based content to his clients.

Patrick takes storytelling to the next level, explaining the concept of narrative transportation and backs it up with hard scientific facts behind the reason storytelling works (when its done right, of course). By strategically planning how to achieve an objective and become a storytelling expert, you can increase the amount you make per job, open up new revenue streams through consulting, and instill more confidence in your clients.

He also digs into why we need to challenge ourselves to become more than ‘pixel pushers’ and to truly connect with our client’s message and in turn, connect deeply with the human emotion in your consumer. Patrick believes it’s more important to go beyond the filters and the drones of today’s filmmaking scene to actually emotionally connect with a specific story.

How do you connect with your client’s stories and help them make ‘more than just a video’? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode

  • Going beyond being a filmmaker to become a storyteller
  • The science behind how and why storytelling works
  • How to properly communicate your goals with your clients
  • Adding value to the way you tell stories
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in the industry


“That’s where you want to be with your clients, a trusted expert who can execute and deliver results, and you’re just giving them clarity on how you’re going to do it.” (6:32)

“We are making videos for humans to watch so we kind of have a responsibility to understand how humans work. What actually creates connection? Why would somebody actually watch this? Why wouldn’t they watch this? And that’s really the premise of all of it. If you are making videos for humans understand what gets their attention, what drives them to action, what would get them to actually watch your content? And once you understand that you unlock a whole new world of how you can create and how you can interact with your clients.” (13:24)

“They want a video, they aren’t sure how they want to get there, they don’t even necessarily communicate why they want to do it, but by us positioning ourselves as the expert and walking them through a different way, all of a sudden they’re like ‘yeah I get why we would pay you way more, because the guy down the street is just making a video” (32:32)

“[The training videos] go through in detail how to actually apply these ideas to your business right now so that it’s like tangible value that you can walk away with.” (43:53)

“All of a sudden, you’re the expert. And you get the rooms and the budgets and the time, and you just fall in love with it. You just get excited to get back out and get on the field and create things that you believe in. Things that you want to see made. And that’s powerful. (47:02)


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