What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead Of The Shifting Video Industry w/ Jem Schofield

March 19, 2018

Today we sit down with someone I’ve looked up to in the production world for a long time, Jem Schofield. Jem created TheC47, a full-service production company and educational resource focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking. He has a 22-year long career, beginning by creating brand focused web content and eventually finding his passion in video production. Jem has a wide range of knowledge of everything production related, and shares this information with his YouTube viewers, clients, and with us here today!

The long-term success of TheC47 is due to the fact that Jem has always had a clear vision for his brand and what he wants to produce, starting as an educational platform, and growing to focus on filmmaking, production, consulting and education. By combining his unique teaching style with consistency and passion, he creates memorable content and shares his expertise with other small-to-no crew production teams. He believes that you must be passionate about what you are creating for it to translate to your audience, and shares his advice on how to turn that passion into a career.

Listen in as Jem discusses the pros and cons of working in-house and out of house, how to create lasting relationships with clients, and which red flags to look out for as an independent content creator. Find out why working smarter is better than working harder, and how to make informed decisions about why you are using specific equipment, on today’s episode.

How do you make sure you’re tapped into the shifts in the industry, and how do you stay ahead of them? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode: 

  • Where the video industry is heading and how you fit into it
  • Why corporate doesn’t always mean boring
  • Discover the gear “must haves” for on the go production
  • How to weed through the companies who just aren’t ready to commit and find clients who are ready to have you produce and pay up


“As time went on, I realized that there was a sort of black hole surround production based education, and C47 seemed like a natural progression.” [4:14]

“It is not an all hope is lost situation, there will never be less screens in the world, and someone has go to create content for those screens.” [13:43]

“We are not the solution to a marketing department, but we need to understand what a company’s brand stands for, who their target audience is, and help them strategize to create content that is appropriate and going to elicit a response from whomever that audience is.” [16:03]

“We are here to create brand-specific content that fits within a marketing strategy and it is absolutely our job to create a dialogue which could bring things in a different direction” [21:25]



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