Do You Have A Reliable, Repeatable Storytelling Process? w/ Clover Carroll

July 30, 2018

Sometimes your clients just don’t know what story they have to tell. They might know what their brand is, but not how to get their values and ideas across beyond a simple list of keywords. Of course, it’s your job to find that story and tell it for them.

Clover Carroll, founder of New Story Media, has built a company that does just that. He helps his customers define their brand through authentic video storytelling. Not only does he have a lot to say about ways to help and nurture relationships with clients, he also shares how he has grown as a successful entrepreneur.

Clover started off shooting videos for luxury farms and ranches (hear why he hates drones), and today he helps his clients tell their stories with strategic video marketing campaigns. He’s not afraid to ask deep questions about their company’s core values in order to get the message across.

In this episode, we discuss successful marketing practices to grow as a company and how to create a system that weathers the high and low seasons of business. We also discuss the power of community. Clover reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and the best way we grow and succeed as entrepreneurs is to learn from each other.

Have you learned any valuable lessons from a community? How do you dispel a potential client’s fears with the authenticity of your brand? Let us know in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • How the power of community can help us learn and cope with our struggles.
  • Why it’s critical to generate leads well in advance of when you need them through a nurturing campaign.
  • How to put potential customers’ fears to rest by being our own awesome and authentic self.
  • Ways in which a video production business can transform into engaging marketing strategy company.


“From an entrepreneur’s standpoint, I’m always analyzing success. What you have done, whether you realize it or not…you have created a lead generator of value where you don’t even put in all the content entirely yourself. The group is generating the content for you, and that’s incredible.” [9:33]

“There’s the business system that has to happen. Whether you’re selling video or marketing or cheese, you have to have business systems in place. That is why it is imperative that you read all the time. You’ve got to be learning. You got to have new processes. You got to have new ideas.” [28:36]

“People say ‘I need a video to explain my business.’ But what they really need is strategy.” [35:25]


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