From Pretending to be Rambo to Big Commercial Film Clients w/ Gnarly Bay

October 10, 2017

We all want to be big business moguls like Mark Cuban or Steven Spielberg. We all want to scale our businesses to the upper echelons. But first we have take tiny steps before the big leaps, and to do that, we need to surround ourselves with people we can lean on, rely on, and laugh with. Do you have those people?

Dan and Dana of Gnarly Bay are a team of young and ambitious filmmakers that make unique, honest and quirky videos that evoke human emotion and inspire. Today we discuss where they started from and how they have grown their business to the stage it is today. We speak in depth about how slow growth can be more beneficial to a company then the fast track effect and how passion projects can ultimately lead you to high paying clients.

Do you want to grow your business? Do you need to make that next move but are fearful? Are you super passionate about your personal projects but don’t see how it can lead to big paying gigs? Leave a comment below the post!

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In this episode:

  • How can passion projects turn into real money?
  • Why is slow growth much better for you and the business?
  • Is it beneficial to go into business with your best friend?
  • How to approach risk taking with your film business?


“Letting go of some of the reigns that we held on so to tightly, we started to realize that ‘Oh, this is actually amazing, to have some people to lean on, to help.”

“If you tell an interesting story that can connect to a brand with their viewers in some sort of abstract, unique way, then there is an opportunity to do more work of that sort that you can kinda control the creative process of.”

“You have to do things that may be difficult but at least when you look back, those things just stand out amongst everything else.”


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