How to Best Use YouTube to Generate Leads

WITH Tim Schmoyer


YouTube is huge and a bit overwhelming. Many videomakers wonder if it’s even worth getting into. But if approached the right way, it can be a huge boon for your business. If you want ideas on how to use YouTube to win clients and grow your influence, then this episode is for you.

Key Takeaways

The most important part of your YouTube strategy is knowing your target audience. These are your ideal clients. Once you identify what they want and how you fill that need, you’re ready to move forward.

YouTube is a great platform for generating leads. But it shouldn’t be your only one. Get to know potential clients through as many different channels and methods as you can.

About Tim Schmoyer

Since 2011, Tim Schmoyer has been one of the leading YouTube strategists in the online video industry. His company, Video Creators, has been featured by FOX, Forbes, BBC even YouTube themselves as his team trains creators and brands to master YouTube and use it as a place to spread messages that change lives. Their clients have grown organically by over 18 billion views and 81 million subscribers under their guidance. Today he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife and seven children.

Get to Know Your Audience and Put Them First

Tim explains how any growth strategy on YouTube begins with the viewer. Before you do anything else, identify your target audience. You need to know what they want and what their story is. Then you can figure out the value that you’ll provide for them. Each video you make must deliver that value.

You might be excited about your equipment or your filming process. However, your clients probably aren’t. They’re concerned with how the video makes them feel. When you know your ideal client, you can focus on making them feel good about their business and getting results for their clients. That’s what will keep them coming back to you.

Understanding Your Ideal Client

There’s a lot to consider when coming up with your content strategy. Tim recommends starting by honing in on what your ideal clients ultimately want. So do some research. Talk with your clients and identify their needs, wants, and pain points. Get familiar with the language that they use when describing their perfect video. You’ll want to use the same language when you describe the problem you solve for them.

How can you connect with clients to learn their stories? Have you used YouTube to generate leads? Tell me about it in the comments below!


In this Episode

  • Managing the work-life balance when growing both your business and family [6:10]
  • How Tim became a YouTube expert [12:40]
  • The importance of understanding your clients [24:20]
  • Why you’re not really in the business of selling videos [33:10]
  • Resources to help keep your business current with the changing times [36:00]
  • How to start your channel when you need more clients [43:10]


19:49“Remember, each view represents an actual person who’s giving one of our clients an opportunity to speak into their life.”
32:08“Starting with the person is where any content strategy should start. Who am I going after, what do they want, and how can I serve them?”
34:36“Your customer most likely is not buying a video from you. What they’re actually buying is a communication tool that’s going to help them or their customers feel something.”
41:31“I want to tell good stories, but I want to live a good story. Living a good story means venturing into the unknown, saying yes to the inciting incident, and facing obstacles, and overcome the challenges in order to have a lived experience that most people will only dream of.”
57:40“This isn’t about making fancy videos. It’s about making an asset that can reach people and change their lives.”

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