Stop Wasting Your Time And Get Clarity On What You Need To Focus On

WITH Lauren Goldstein


I get it. Your passion is video, not the nitpicky ins and outs of business. But using that passion to put money in the bank is crucial to keeping your passion going. If only you had a roadmap to success. All you regular listeners know I used to struggle with productivity. Deciding exactly where to take my business was nearly paralyzing. Well, my guest today has her own passion for helping you find the clarity and direction you need so your business can take off.

Lauren Goldstein is the founder and CEO of the internationally successful consulting firm Golden Key Partnership. For nearly ten years Lauren has been helping business owners make strategy both offline and online simple so that they can grow. She sees herself as a doctor for your business who will create a treatment plan for what ails your company.

Deciding exactly where to focus takes clarity. Lauren shares some amazing strategies to identify what is most important to you and the success of your business so that you can ignore all the useless parts and get moving on what really matters.

This is a tricky balance of doing what fulfills you as a filmmaker while not ignoring the income-producing activities of your workweek. You have to be honest with your clients about how you can help them and how you can’t. Once you’re clear with your identity and what you can do, you’ll see the results.

What does success look like to you? Does it have a process? Let us know in the comments below!

In this Episode

    • When and how to decide when it’s time to start your own business
    • What you can do to increase your productivity when you can’t decide what to do
    • Taking control of your calendar so that it doesn’t control you
    • Building a healthy work/life balance that is centered on calm energy
    • Identifying the income producing activities in your business
  • Finding clarity on what you do so that you can find the right clients


[20:54]“In business, generally we tend to overcomplicate the crap out of everything and then we don’t move forward because we’re overwhelmed and we get analysis paralysis.”
[28:12]“If you can pay your bills, and your business is consistently paying those bills as a side-hustle, it’s probably time to just bite the bullet and say bye to that corporate comfort blanket.”
[01:01:33]“If you want to get serious about your business, you’re going to have to put up a little bit of boundaries around distraction.”



Ryan Koral

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