Why There Are Now More Opportunities For Passive Income Than Ever w/ PJ Taei



When you trade your time for money, it’s hard to stay in control of your schedule. That’s why creating passive income is so desirable. Longtime listeners to this show know that I’ve been able to do this through course creation videos with shared revenue partners. Selling digital products like this is a fantastic way to make more money without having to work more hours. The good news is that there are more opportunities for you to do this now than ever before.

Key Takeaways

Opportunities to make videos for course creators and other digital products are only going to continue to grow. This is an incredible way to create passive revenue streams that will allow you to retake control of your time.

About PJ Taei

PJ Taei is the founder of Uscreen, a leading video monetization platform helping over 10,000 businesses and creators stream and monetize videos online.

Opportunities for Your Digital Products

The online education market just exploded this past year. PJ and I are sure that it’s here to stay. Because it’s still relatively new, there are tons of ways to get involved. PJ describes how Uscreen which is “like Kajabi on steroids but with a Netflix feel” can serve both production companies and content creators monetize their creations.

Owning Your Time with On-Demand Video

Ultimately, profit-sharing with course creation videos lets you retake control of your time. These types of on-demand videos have only grown in popularity lately and will likely continue to do so. It’s actually not that hard once you learn the basics. Throughout this episode, PJ explains how to set yourself up for continued success with this model.

What type of digital product could you make to create recurring passive income? Leave a message below!


In this Episode

  • How platforms like Uscreen allow people to monetize their videos [7:00]
  • How content creators can make six figures a month with the help of video hosting platforms [11:53]
  • The limitations of relying on ad revenue [12:40]
  • The benefits of offering on-demand and live content [15:00]


8:49“It’s an all-in-one platform. We host all the videos, we give you all the paywall, and then it has a lot of marketing tools built-in.”
12:04“We make our customers, all of them together, about eight million dollars per month. That’s like tripled in the last twelve months. That’s always going up.”
13:12“It’s really hard to make money with ads unless you’re really a YouTuber and start to gain a lot of subscribers. Also, you don’t own your audience. With something like Uscreen or Kajabi, you own your audience. You know who they are. You have their emails. You can upsell to them, add additional products.”
15:18“It’s scalable. You create it one time. It sells. It’s evergreen. That’s the beauty of video on demand.”



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