The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself

WITH Mike Brown


Have you ever wondered where the time goes? Do you get lost in little tasks and find that nothing actually got done by the end of the day? I’ve been there. I’m sure we all have. That’s why mindset is so important. The truth is, you can’t grow as a business until you allow yourself the time to think. It’s the clarity that comes with that thinking that allows you to focus on what’s really important.

Mike Brown is a former Navy fighter pilot turned entrepreneur. Using the decision-making framework that he learned as an aviator, Mike founded, grew, and exited an 8-figure energy company focusing on land acquisitions. Mike has also invested in and mentored dozens of startups and works with select entrepreneurs as a coach.

It’s okay if you’re struggling right now. Just know that it’s not your fault. These times are unprecedented. Mike finds that daily meditations help him reframe this “new normal”. Recognizing just where you have control and what is out of control is key to staying fully present.

Mike explains how we all have the power to solve our problems. Within everyone is a knowledge and understanding of how to move your business forward. What happens is that we are afraid to act on it. Discovering why you’re erecting roadblocks is the solution to taking the necessary action.

Mike knows a lot about identifying opportunities for asymmetric returns. These are low-risk high-reward situations. Recognize when you can benefit your life and business without actually putting much on the line. That’s one of the key activities of successful people.

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In this Episode

  • Identifying what actually matters through mindfulness and meditation
  • The most important question for a business owner to ask themself
  • What happens when you place value on yourself
  • What asymmetric returns are and how they represent opportunities all around us
  • Why you shouldn’t blame yourself when you or your business experience struggle


12:53“Generally, any business owner knows that there’s one thing that they need to take care of that’s going to move the ball forward.”
17:03“We all have this inner-wisdom that we can tap into. But then we feel it and are afraid to act on it.”
37:11“I’m always going to take a bet on myself because I know that if I invest in myself, I am going to see a return on that investment. I can control that better than any other investment that I can make.”
45:20“Have some compassion for yourself. This isn’t your fault. We’re going to get through this. But it’s okay if you’re struggling. It’s okay to feel those emotions of sadness or anger. Allow whatever is coming up to come up because this is a really difficult situation.”



Ryan Koral

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