Your Company’s Culture & Why It Matters

WITH Michel Falcon


Culture is so crucial to any business. Are you overlooking it? Don’t feel bad. Many do. It’s not enough to make outstanding videos for your clients. You need to have a well-developed company culture or you’ll fall short every time. However, it’s not too late to start building your culture today.

Michel Falcon is a hospitality entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author. He focuses on customer experience, employee engagement, and company culture strategies to grow a business.

Like me, Michel is passionate about building a great company culture. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this. It has to be specific to your business. But a common purpose of serving your people and clients is crucial. Most of all, it has to more than just about making money.

Michel explains how micro customer experiences will change the way you do business. Simply put, this is a small, memorable, and affordable gesture that will resonate with your customers for years. Every single company can make use of this. Best of all, these small acts will help express your company’s culture in meaningful ways while marketing your work.

What is a central part of your company culture? Tell me in the comments below!

In this Episode

  • Why building a people-centered company culture should be your primary focus
  • How micro customer experiences will make your work more meaningful
  • The best way to spend money to market your business (it’s not digital marketing)
  • How to grow your business by spending very little money


8:05“At the core of every great company is a strong company culture -- whether you are big or small, whether you have 2 or 200,000 employees.”
10:19“A good company culture is whatever makes sense to you, but one with ethics and morals and one that isn’t just financially driven.”
20:51“You can’t just have a great product and expect your business to grow.”
31:55“There shouldn’t be a divide between the ways that we behave in our personal life and our professional life.”



Ryan Koral

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