Lessons Learned From Niching Down

WITH Mark Skala


Every entrepreneur, really every person, has had feelings of self-doubt. This often rears its ugly head in the form of imposter syndrome. To succeed, you need to get past these feelings. Often, leaning on the support of others reveals your potential you may have been blind to all along.

Mark Skala is the founder and creative director for Skalawag Productions, a food and beverage production company that helps clients deliver high-quality consistent content for all areas of their brand. He’s also a Studio Sherpas student and a very good friend of mine.

Mark shares the lessons he’s learned while getting into a very specific niche. Through trial, error, and experimentation, he found that he can shoot what he loves and build a company around that. Refining a sales process was a big part of this and Mark explains how he put that into action.

One thing Mark had to learn to overcome was imposter syndrome. This is something that I think we’ve all dealt with at some point. Mark found that focusing on the successes and ignoring that voice of doubt will go far to vanquish feelings of inadequacy. It also helps to have the support of others who see the value in what you provide.

Mark and I both figured all this out as we went along. We talk about how just putting in the right work and developing proper systems will eventually pay off. It takes confidence, self-awareness, and persistence. Once these have been realized, success can follow.

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In this Episode

  • What people fail to understand about finding a niche
  • How subscription and retainer content can bolster your business
  • Why training like Luke Skywalker will help you overcome imposter syndrome
  • The importance of implementing the right systems for success
  • What to do to get trust and buy-in from your clients
  • The value of leaning on others in your line of work


5:38“I think the biggest misconception about finding a niche, or any sort of passion, is about the time it will take you to get there.”
18:46“The things you’re dealing with now, those problems, will change and you will overcome them. You will be better for it. Thinking about it from that perspective helps you deal with that demon on your back.”
27:43“You have to do the work to figure out what your path is. Then put those things in place and develop processes. Instill that in your employees and yourself. Good things will happen when you put in that work.”
41:05“You should keep a calm head and believe in yourself and your ability to overcome hardships that you face. Persevere, be smart, and don’t mortgage your home for it!”



Ryan Koral

Ryan Koral is an entrepreneur, producer and business strategist from Tell Studios, a video production agency with a big heart for authentic stories that build brands and inspire action. He’s a husband (mostly happily for like 16+ years), has 3 kiddos, and has an annoying – but infectious – laugh.

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