How a Partnership Can Allow Your Business to Grow w/ Glory Visuals – Austin Hall & Darren Clausen

WITH Glory Visuals – Austin Hall & Darren Clausen


Do you remember the first time you saw people react to your videos? That feeling of seeing people’s emotional response to your work is so motivating. Today’s guests, having only started their studio a few years ago, are still riding that feeling. In this episode, they share the joys and the tribulations that come with building a business from scratch as partners.

Key Takeaways

A partnership helps you play to your individual strengths. Identify where each person is strongest and assign clear roles as early as you can.

There is probably a production studio in your area that isn’t getting used. Connecting and networking with other creatives can create opportunities that can get you into these spaces.

About Glory Visuals

Glory Visuals is a video production company based out of Omaha, NE. Austin Hall and Darren Clausen started it as a 50/50 partnership and have hired a full-time employee as well as some part-time contractors. Their goal is to raise the standard of quality content and creativity in the Midwest.

Navigating the Complexities of Working as Partners

Not everyone is cut out to be in a partnership like Austin and Darren. It comes with its challenges and special considerations, such as tax prep, budgeting, and goal setting. However, if you can agree on priorities and practices, you can be each other’s greatest assets.

Austin and Darren learned to set clear roles for themselves to make the most of their partnership. When you each operate within your respective strengths, the team will be much greater than the sum of its parts.

Getting Creative with Studio Spaces

Having recently moved into their own studio space, Darren and Austin are enjoying a new sense of freedom. By being masters of their own space, their creative juices are flowing like never before. 

With this investment, they have given themselves time and flexibility to shoot whenever they want. They now have a space that they can set up just the way they want and are proud to bring clients to.

I bet there are underutilized studio spaces in your area. Reach out to other creatives, you may be able to find and go in on one of these places together. Just think of all the opportunities this could create!

Do you have a business partner? How do you make it work? What would you do with your very own studio space? Leave a comment below!

In this Episode

  • Building a partnership and business from the ground up [8:00]
  • The benefits and challenges of partnerships [16:20]
  • Asking the questions that help you pinpoint your areas of strength [28:00]
  • Finding freedom inside your own studio space [33:00]
  • What happens when you approach everything with an abundance mindset [43:35]


[15:30]“The more we do this, the more powerful we realize video is.”
[21:59]“We have both found out our strengths. I would rather he operate in his strength and I operate in mine so that we can win as a team.”
[45:33]“You cannot have a lack mindset at all. It will literally be the worst thing for you.”



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