How to Build a Rhythm of Creativity and Success

WITH Dr. Shannan Crawford


If you’ve ever found yourself poised to create something but unable to actually do it, you’re far from alone. There’s a whole psychology behind this paralysis that afflicts so many creatives. That’s why I’ve brought on an expert to help us understand it better and figure out how to overcome our self-imposed obstacles.

Key Takeaways

When you notice yourself afraid to move forward with your work, identify the actual source of that fear. Doing so will help you reframe your goals and actions so that you can see opportunities where once there were obstacles.

Listen to when your body and brain are more eager to create. Block that time off regularly for your own creative process. This will establish a rhythm for creation that will make previously daunting tasks enjoyable.

About Dr. Shannan Crawford

Dr. Shannan Crawford is a clinical psychologist, adjunct professor, founder of #7MCulture, and leadership consultant who has invested over 15-years honing optimal performance strategies for those leading in the creative and entrepreneurial spaces.

She loves working with creatives because the language of the unconscious is best understood through allegory and story. Dr. Crawford intuitively helps individuals identify and overcome areas of self-sabotage by deepening awareness of their internal world to enrich creative enjoyment. As an innovator of Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, Dr. Crawford helps creatives remove the unconscious blocks that have been limiting the spontaneous free-flowing enjoyment of their craft.

Overcoming Your Fears of Creativity

Fear is a major impediment to creative action. Dr. Crawford explains that fear is a natural response to risk. But just because it exists, doesn’t mean we should let it stop us. There are many methods for resetting and getting back into a motivated creative mindset. Journaling, meditation, laughter, or even a solid hug from a loved one can help make the shift you need to stop self-sabotaging. 

When you actually lean into the thing you are anxious about, you can see it for what it is. Dr. Crawford gets into what actually happens in the brain when this refocus happens. By utilizing certain intentional practices, you can start to think more rationally about your creative process and move forward.

This ongoing task requires a dismantling of our own defense mechanisms. Using positive psychology, Dr. Crawford works to help people stop simply pushing their symptoms away so that they can truly address and understand where they come from.

Time-blocking for More Freedom and Creativity

Being disciplined with your time is an essential part of a sustainable creative process. Blocking your time so that you make the creative process part of a regular rhythm trains your brain to be inspired. By being disciplined with your time and regularly scheduling space for creativity, you’ll find that creativity will come naturally to you. 

To better help you block your time, Dr. Crawford describes techniques for listening to what your body is telling you. Your body will let you know when it’s the best time to prepare and create. Linking these feelings with a positive association will help train you to be excited to do the work and surmount the hurdles that you had previously placed in your way.

What obstacle is standing in your way? What is one step you can take to overcome it? Leave a comment below!


In this Episode

  • The power of psychology to overcome inaction [6:30]
  • How to replace false-comforters with truly beneficial ones [12:15]
  • What happens when you associate fear with opportunity [17:07]
  • Time-blocking to create a creative rhythm [32:10]
  • The joy that comes with creating according to your own schedule and rhythm [41:00]


12:09“Inside, your body is protecting you by pulling you back to what is comfortable and safe. If you understand that, now you can start replacing the false comforters that are sabotaging for the ones that are beneficial.”
18:29“Failure is the key for most people to actually innovate. But if we live paralyzed to the god of the fear of failure, we’re all just trailing back with what everybody has done ahead of us because it’s safe and familiar.”
33:20“The problem is you can’t wait for inspiration. You have to discipline yourself and structure your time.”
36:40“I think it reduces your productivity if you’re not able to give yourself lengthy preparation time to be successful.”



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