How to Find Your Purpose and Make a Positive Impact

WITH Davin Salvagno


Why are you working? It’s a simple question with a complex answer. It needs to be more than just making money or you won’t last long in this business. Today’s guest explains how to find the motivation to do great work by recognizing your power to create positive impacts.

Key Takeaways

Instead of asking customers what they want you to create for them, ask them how they want people to feel after seeing their videos.

The work that you do should have purpose not just for your client, but for yourself. This is what is needed to keep you motivated to continue to produce great work.

To identify your purpose in your work, think about who inspired you to do this work and why. Then look at your unique abilities, gifts, and talents and how you use those to serve others.

About Davin Salvagno

Davin Salvagno is the Founder & CEO of PurposePoint, the author of Finding Purpose at Work, and co-founder of The Purpose Summit. He is an inspirational thought leader and speaker known for connecting purpose, people, and performance. Having spent nearly two decades serving in various leadership roles in finance, human resources, operations, and marketing with Fortune 500 companies, his insights and talks have helped hundreds of organizations across the world engage their purpose and inspire their people.

The Impact You Have in the Work You Do

Everything that you do has an impact. Whether it’s big or small, you have an effect on other people. Davin talks about how we should be reflecting on what type of impact that is and learn to recognize it when it happens. He explains how following the “impact trail” shows you just how much bigger your influence is than you might have imagined.

Approaching Experience as a Commodity

Davin also explains how you can provide more for your clients by focusing on the experience that you provide and how you can transform what they do. Rather than relying purely on your products and services, emphasizing how you make them feel will often be enough to create loyal repeat clients.

This type of approach will not only help your clients make a bigger impact, but it will also give you and your work more purpose. It will motivate you to keep working as you create positive impacts. As you utilize your talents and abilities to positively transform how other people feel, you’ll find that there is no limit to the impact that you can create.

What is a purpose point in your life? What unique power do you have to impact the world? Leave a comment below!

In this Episode

  • Recognizing the purpose points in your life [8:35]
  • Why the work that you do is more than just a job [14:48]
  • Why competing at the experience and transformational levels will set you and your business apart [22:30]
  • The power of being true to yourself [30:00]
  • Where to start when you don’t know your work’s purpose [34:14]


13:05“People have been so disengaged with each other that they haven’t been able to see how the work that you do impacts other people.”
20:15“Whatever it is that you do, how you tell a story has the power to engage someone’s heart and mind to think about something - or even better, to do something - they might otherwise not have done had it not been for your work.”
33:34“Those tiny little nuances of what is uniquely you that sets you and what you do apart from the next person and how you position that and tie that to how it makes someone think or feel is the game-changer.”



Ryan Koral

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