Finding The Right Clients For You

WITH David Meltzer


Everyone you ever interact with will have an impact on you. That includes your clients. People have energy and that energy is contagious. If you’ve ever worked with difficult clients you know what I mean. They affect how you feel. The same is true for great clients. So are you seeking out the right clients for you?

David Meltzer is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. He is a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, the executive producer of Entrepreneur‘s #1 digital business show, “Elevator Pitch”, and host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook. His newest book, Game-Time Decision Making, was a #1 new release. 

David’s life story involves committing to pursuing your potential and seeing where that takes you. He’s learned a lot of important lessons along the way. This includes putting in the effort where it will actually pay off rather than focusing just on the work itself.

Through hard lessons, David learned the importance of surrounding himself with the right energy. We’re all influenced by the people around us. Finding the right people and energy requires being aware of your values. It also means asking the right series of questions and being aware of how you spend your time. David promises that this will lead to more money and fulfillment without fail.

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In this Episode

  • What happens when we enjoy the pursuit of our potential
  • The most critical skill of any business owner
  • The importance of knowing your values 
  • What kinds of questions you should be asking every client
  • How to become a student of your calendar
  • Cultivating the practice of ending fear


5:53“I learned my main philosophy in life by wanting to be a football player because I learned to enjoy the consistent persistent pursuit of my potential.”
9:41“If you want to have a skill, you’ll never go broke if you know how to raise money.”
16:43“Take inventory of your values every day. You’ll know who to do business with, what you want to film, what you want to do. All the things are so value-based with the energy of content.”
21:15“Practice ending fear. Because when you live in a world of abundance, you know that you have the gift of channeling, powering, clearing the connection that empowers all of us.”



Ryan Koral

Ryan Koral is an entrepreneur, producer and business strategist from Tell Studios, a video production agency with a big heart for authentic stories that build brands and inspire action. He’s a husband (mostly happily for like 16+ years), has 3 kiddos, and has an annoying – but infectious – laugh.

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