What Happens When You Create a Vivid Vision For Your Company

WITH Cameron Herold


We all should have a vision of what our company really is. That’s the easy part. What’s harder is sharing that vision in a coherent way with others. Today’s guest has helped hundreds of companies clarify their vision so they can effectively broadcast it to the world and reach their goals.

Key Takeaways

Having a vivid vision for your company will keep you constantly aligned with your goals and mission.

About Cameron Herold

Cameron is the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies, making him known as the business growth guru. He has built a dynamic consultancy with clients that include a monarchy and a Big 4 wireless company. The author of five books, Cameron is also a top-rated international speaker and the founder of the COO Alliance, the World’s Leading Network for Seconds in Command.

Creating The Right Vision for Your Company

To come up with a vivid vision of your company, Cameron wants us to ditch our vision statements. They really don’t mean much anyway. You need to dive deeper than that. No matter the size of your business, having and communicating a meaningful vision of your company will help you attract the customers and talent you need. 

Cameron explains how to actually write out your vivid vision as you formulate it. This provides the excitement, clarity, and drive to move your business to greater heights.

The Amazing Thing That Happens With Your Vision

Both Cameron and I discovered something amazing that comes with having a vision. When you are clear on what you want from your company, it provides you with more opportunities to live the life that you want to live. 

Sure, making money is a large part of why we do what we do. However, there should be so much more to it. With our visions are leading our businesses, we have the clarity to choose what we want to work on and have the freedom to put our own wants and desires first.

How is your company’s vision bigger than a mission statement? How do you communicate your business’ vision to clients? Leave a comment below!

In this Episode

  • How to formulate an image of your company [5:28]
  • Why a small business still needs a vivid vision [9:28]
  • The power of defining your core values for your company [11:30]
  • Finding pride in building something that allows you to live on your terms [17:17]
  • Who to hire first in your business [23:50]
  • The future of Cameron’s vivid vision [30:00]


8:16“That one-sentence vision doesn’t align anybody. We all know it’s nonsense. We just mashed up seven words into a sentence and said ‘Go, team!’”
12:33“When you define your core values and pick customers and suppliers based on them, all of a sudden it starts to supercharge your organization.”
26:35“You don’t need to hire somebody. You need to get more stuff done. So take all the stuff and put it into buckets. Who can do this stuff and what would a person doing this stuff be called?”



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