How to Create Compelling Content That Gets Results

WITH Ben Gilbarg


The secret to lasting social change is to create compelling content that actually gets results. I’m joined by Ben Gilbarg of Big Picture Anthems to talk about where he spends his money, who he works with, and how he distributes his videos to maximize his client’s return on investment.

Key Takeaways

It’s more important to spend money on what’ll bring you the biggest return on investment. If that means investing in marketing, sales, branding, invest there rather than upgrading your equipment first.

About Ben Gilbarg

Ben Gilbarg is the Chief Creative Catalyst for Big Picture Anthems. Ben’s been doing professional video at the intersection of youth development, community outreach, and social justice since 1998. 

Through community events and video campaigns, Ben’s work has reached 3 million-plus people, and he has directly impacted more than 4,000 young people in his career through teaching, mentoring, and community programming. 

Ben’s expertise in producing video campaigns is articulated by impressive results from 2016-2020 in which he produced 4 viral video campaigns, 2 national, and 2 locally in New Bedford, MA. He now resides in the SF Bay Area in Hercules, CA, with his wife, three children, and one grandson.

Creating Videos for Social Change

Ben Gilbarg joins me to talk about his video production company with a mission for social change and community impact. He explains how niching into this industry was not only the catalyst for creating lasting change but is also a financially viable business venture.

He explains some of the best methods for distributing videos that maximize their reach, therefore making the most social impact. Ben’s secret: creating compelling content that gets those results.

Ben’s motivated by his upbringing. Being “hood-adjacent” meant that he grew up learning what underfunded neighborhoods need to help bring about positive social change.

Where to Invest Your Money

Ben explains why it’s not about having the most expensive and high-tech equipment on the market that makes the most impact on a business’s success. If no one knows who you are, that tech investment is not well-spent money. 

Instead, we both encourage you to invest in marketing and sales management first. Both Ben and I also invested in growing our team before our equipment. Having someone else in the roles that zap our energy was a game-changer for our business production value.

What’s the best investment you’ve made for your business? What’s your unique niche and how has this helped grow your business? Let me know in the comments below.

In this Episode

  • Methods to increase video distribution and reach [16:00]
  • What really matters when it comes to your equipment specs [24:30]
  • Where you can better spend your money than investing in better gear [26:00]
  • How hiring a person or team can improve your business production [30:00]
  • How your upbringing can create a drive for social change [34:00]
  • Why you should niche your business down [36:45]


14:44“Essentially we want to bring all of the things we do under one roof because it all revolves around production, design, social impact, and community outreach.”
25:48“When we’re spending money on gear, if there’s not an obvious return on that investment, then we really need to think twice on all of the things we can spend money on.”
36:58“We need to present these opportunities to youth better if we want them to achieve. That’s really hopeful. When you have a niche and you can add something that’s missing.”



Ryan Koral

Ryan Koral is an entrepreneur, producer and business strategist from Tell Studios, a video production agency with a big heart for authentic stories that build brands and inspire action. He’s a husband (mostly happily for like 16+ years), has 3 kiddos, and has an annoying – but infectious – laugh.

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