Burnt Out & Uninspired? This Is How To Optimize Yourself w/ Zack Arnold

April 2, 2018

Do you find yourself dreading doing something that you’re supposed to love, something that you originally got into because of passion that’s now faded? As Zack Arnold explains on today’s episode, there’s more to leading a successful life, putting out great, original work, and just plain feeling good than the work itself. Today he’s going to share with us how to optimize our lives and cultivate our creativity.

Zack is an award-winning Hollywood film editor, working on shows such as Empire, Burn Notice and Glee, and has also created Optimize Yourself, a program to help people maximize their creativity, output and well-being.

He shows us how by examining our current behaviors, and pinpointing the habits in our lives that lead to destructive thoughts which can inhibit our ability to maximize our creativity, we can start to turn the ship around. Things we as creatives often don’t consider, or think of as non-important like diet, exercise and sleep can have a drastic impact on the quality of the work we’re putting out, and ultimately our ability to put out any work at all.

By analyzing your habits and tendencies, Zack believes that you can have a life measured by your own version of success. Zack has a ton of energy, great stories, as well as tips and tricks of ways to develop your creativity and positively impact your business and your life.

Have you ever struggled with burnout, creative fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, or any of the other symptoms Zack mentioned? If you got through them, what did it take to turn it around? If you’re there now, what resonated most with you from this episode? Let us know in the comments yo!

In This Episode:

  • The importance of moving and staying in motion to increase your creativity
  • How to ignore the toxic culture of deprivation-praising in the film industry
  • The disease of multitasking and how it is killing your productivity and focus
  • Learn the magic formula to help you time block


“The first warning sign is, are you still enjoying what you are doing? For me, there is nothing more magical than sitting in front of an empty timeline and having a bunch of random stuff that I have to put together with colored blocks. I essentially get to play a game of Tetris all day with people’s emotions.” (17:40) 

“The key is to define your version of success. People say, ‘success for me is high profile stuff and making a lot of money’ and that’s great. But do you realize the process you have to go through every single day to get to that point and are you willing to adjust your lifestyle to that?” (21:01)

“Success isn’t a destination, success is a series of habitual actions every single day. Success is a habit.” (26:12)

“Think about how you can optimize your creativity. Because my creativity is the number one investment I have in myself.” (35:15)


Optimize Yourself

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