How Do You Offer Your Clients Extra Value? w/ Marley Baird

July 2, 2018

Have you ever felt like there’s more you could be doing for your clients than just delivery beautiful work? Going above and beyond and providing additional value to your clients is something that will set you apart from your competition and keep clients coming back to you again and again. Today, Marley Baird is going to share with us exactly where to get started.

Marley is a video branding expert who has worked with huge brands and influential people to create a unique video creation and marketing company. Marley focuses on social media marketing to create videos that explain a core message while eliciting an emotional response to increase her client’s exposure and relevance online.

Based out of Edmonton, Canada, but constantly traveling for work, Marley Baird Media has created a solution where other video companies are falling short. She dives into her client’s ‘why’ factor and shares how she gives more value to her clients than just a nicely shot and edited video. 

Marley has capitalized on new revenue streams in social media and branding while combining her passion for video making. If you are passionate about filmmaking, eager to learn from your clients and peers, and realize the power and potential of multifaceted video and marketing brand power, this episode featuring Marley Baird is your first step to success.

What are you doing to add more value to your clients than just the final video product? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode

  • Marley’s social media strategies
  • Why YouTube is Marley’s most powerful social media starting point
  • Where to start if you want to give your clients something more than just a video
  • Creating content that elicits an emotional response
  • A different way of thinking about business and human connection


“Every time we do travel I just feel so energized by it. You would think that filming 10 months’ worth of content in 3 days would be draining and you would be exhausted after, but I really energized because the clients we work with are so fun and we learn a lot while we are there. We make it fun for everybody.” (13:50)

“With any client, I see what they are doing and I see how influential [they are] and how their thought leadership is making such an impact, and to be a part of the process… it’s so exciting to be a part of that process and watch how other people’s lives are changed from a video.” (16:02)

“I am happy when I get to make a video for someone that generates more excitement and impact for people, and changes their lives. It changed for me from being this person who fought so hard to sit at the cool kids’ table to now just create something that makes an impact and who cares what table you sit at or if you are a black sheep or not.” (20:33)

“When you make something that can become this ecosystem, this synergistic strategy, where all these things can go together, that’s what’s going to set you apart.” (26:11)


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