Networking Your Way To The Clients Of Your Dreams w/ Caleb Wojcik of DIY Video Guy

February 5, 2018

What are your tried and true ways to gain new clients? We’re often so desperate for income that we grab at anything and everything without really asking “Is this project right for me?” or “Do I even really want to do this work?” Caleb Wojcik shares some tips on lining up work with clients you really want to work with, in his case, Pat Flynn and ConvertKit.

Caleb Wojcik is the founder of the DIY Video Guy, Caleb Wojcik Films, and co-founder of His background includes a degree in business, and he can include Chris Guillebeau, the NFL, MLB and the Rose Bowl as clients. He started as a wedding film photographer but slowly grew his business to include a film production company, a podcast, and the many amazing courses he offers on DIY Video Guy.

On today’s episode, we dive deep into how to connect with the people you really want to work with, the different versions of networking and which will work best for your goals, and how to get recurring clients as opposed to one time gigs. Caleb’s insights into the business mindset are priceless and can definitely help you to scale your business according to your needs while charging what you’re worth.

Things like raising prices can be scary and often intimidating but Caleb breaks it down in a way where you can do small things to help raise your perceived value so that you can increase your prices without the client batting an eye.

What is your go-to method for finding new clients? Do you do more business through direct to client marketing, agencies or referrals? Leave a comment below!

In the episode:

  • How to connect with people you really want to work with
  • How to make smart gear purchases
  • When and how to grow your team sustainably
  • Some great online tools to help your business
  • How to get recurring clients instead of one-off’s
  • Steps you can take to increase your value and prices


“The biggest thing for me has been knowing the right people and building relationships years in advance of ever working with them… Try to get introduced but putting yourself in the same physical location or at events, like conferences, as other people that are doing cool stuff that’s how I have built my network of clients even before I needed them.” (7:02)

“Two of my favorite things to do at a conference are to introduce people: So when you start to meet people and you meet a new person, introduce that person to someone that might overlap well with whatever it is they have going on because once you become that connector at an event, then people will kind of reciprocate in the same way and introduce you to people. And when I am ending a conversation with someone at an event or conference, I try to ask do you know of one person here that you think I should meet that would be perfect for X, Y or Z and then that gives you the next person to go talk to.” (13:10)

“Really investing in your peers, certain people at your level, in a few years those people are going to be speaking at events and those people are going to be starting companies that can hire you. So, that’s kind of the process I have now.” (14:35)

“I think it is important to be confident in your pricing and if you do play the low pricing game you’re just setting yourself up to compete with a bunch of other people as opposed to if your pricing yourself higher, typically those clients are better and you have less competition at that price point.” (32:07)


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