How Is Mental Fitness Affecting Your Creative Business? w/ Adrian Koehler of Take New Ground

September 11, 2017

I know as well as anyone that it’s only too easy to focus on the tactical, hands on aspects of dealing with clients, chipping away at the never-ending to do list, and practicing our craft in an effort to maintain and grow our businesses. The thing is that when we do this, we often tend to get sucked in, overwhelmed, and burned out.

Adrian Koehler is a performance coach who helps high-level entrepreneurs and teams improve their mental fitness and approach to business so that they can achieve the results they’re working towards. He has a history working as a crisis responder, and working with inmates in the prison system to improve their outlook on life.

He finds that with most of his clients, many of the struggles they face come from the filters they view life through, and the stories they construct to explain or justify their reality, many of which are not only not true, but are actively limiting their potential.

Today we talk about how to maintain a healthy outlook that will not only help us achieve our business goals but help us lead a fulfilling life as well. We also talk about what burnout really is and how we can combat it, along with a ton of other insights from Adrian.

Have you struggled with burnout, comparing yourself to your competition, or mental fitness? What did you do to work through it? Let us know in the comments!


In this episode:

  • How to identify false stories we might be telling ourselves and the filters through which we view and engage with the world
  • The value of intergenerational friendships and relationships
  • Why comparing yourself to your competition will only drag you down and keep you from success
  • What is burnout really and how can we deal with it?
  • The small practice that Adrian does every morning to set the tone for his days and keep him on track throughout the day



“If we can get our minds right we can get our actions right, and when we get our actions right we get new results in our lives” [6:57]

“I always assert that whatever we have in our lives, we want it on some level. Otherwise we’d do something else.” [23:44]

“I don’t think your highest potential will come out if all you’re trying to do is replicate what somebody else is.” [35:17]



Make sure to get in touch with Adrian to sign up for his Studio Sherpas group coaching program at: [email protected]