Tired Of Turning Down Work? This Is How To Build A Team To Support You w/ Jordan Bunch

September 4, 2017

If you’ve been hanging around Sherpa land for a while, you know how passionate we are about building teams around ourselves so that we can live the lives we want and not be overwhelmed by our work, no matter how much we love it.

Jordan Bunch is an Austin-based wedding filmmaker, and host of the Wedding Film Academy Podcast, who realized early on that by hiring a team, he could free up the time to be a better husband, father, neighbor, and person, focussing on the things that are really important to him in life. He didn’t stop there though. After hiring his first editor and seeing the impact on his business, he ran with it, and created two separate wedding film brands, both with unique approaches to the business.

He shares today which roles in his team he feels are most important, how to build a team that you can trust and rely on, and getting over the fears a lot of us have around letting go of doing everything ourselves.  

In this episode:

  • Why Jordan created a second wedding brand not associated with his name
  • How to get over the fear of our employees leaving us to start their own businesses after we’ve trained them
  • How Jordan gets his name out there for both of his brands
  • How to build a healthy team culture and support them in their growth


“Doing this team model really supplies me with an opportunity to live the life I want to live.” [5:02]

“Positive reinforcement is just so much more effective than negative criticism. I’ve really been working on, as much as possibly to hardly ever say anything that is negative to my team… People live into the reality of what you paint them to be.” [12:21]


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