How To Ensure Your Creative Business Is Constantly Evolving w/ Brett Culp

January 1, 2018

Have you ever put any thought into where you’re allocating your time as a business owner and how that investment will help you continue to grow your business in the future? As creatives, we’re often either hyper-focused or scatterbrained, which, if we’re not careful, can lead to stagnation or subpar work. This episode is chock full of good information, but among the most important topics we cover is the 80/20 rule of growing your business and…

…it might piss you off.

Brett Culp is a filmmaker, social entrepreneur, cinematographer, and speaker whose passion for charity and documentaries has lead to his work being featured on Netflix and Hulu in addition to having a chapter of a college textbook dedicated to his production style (wow). He is also the co-founder of The Rising Heroes Project which produces amazing films that focus on uplifting, real-life stories with messages of hope, courage, and commitment while also allowing them to be screened around the world with proceeds going to charity.

We talk about how he continually evolves as a filmmaker, discuss why you need to find a way to move past the need for external validation, the reason you should always question why you think you need that new tool or gadget, and how to not take things personally in any situation, especially when sharing your work with others.

You may not always feel comfortable hearing what Brett has to say but that doesn’t mean that we all don’t need to hear it. He is honest and upfront with no BS, and he’s helping us kick off the new year right.

There’s so much in this episode we’d love to hear what stood out to you the most! What did Brett say that motivated or challenged you? Leave us a note in the comments!

In this episode:

  • The art of reinvention and hustle, and how Brett ensures he is constantly evolving
  • How to not take things personally when sharing your work and why it is imperative
  • The importance of being involved in communities that are safe places
  • Brett’s life hack for the quickest way to get your 20% to become your 80%
  • When & why you should hire on additional contractors


“My general practice is that with my heart, my energy, my time, my resources, my money, whatever it is, I put 80% of it into my main hustle, which is the thing that us paying my bills, but I reserve 20% of it for my side hustle. And, my side hustle is whatever is next or whatever I am excited about.” (19:16)

“I don’t need the external validation of a five thousand dollar camera to feel like I am doing good work.” (47:37)

“What I have learned over time was that the good leads never came passively. They always take work and hustle and aggressiveness and relationship building and contacts.” (56:27)


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