Why You Need To Be Educating Your Clients On Strategy w/ Ben Amos

May 14, 2018

Have you ever made an awesome video for a corporate client, only to later find that it did very little for their business? Ben Amos got tired of realizing he wasn’t providing a lasting solution for his clients, and did something about it that changed the way he runs his business and the impact his work delivers.

Ben runs the video production agency Innovate Media in Brisbane, Australia, and is also the man behind the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. In both businesses, he’s all about helping clients use video content strategically to help their business goals, rather than making video for video’s sake.

Today, he talks to us about how he sees more clients bypassing agencies and going right to the video producers, and how that is impacting the evolution of our role as production companies. He also discusses the three parts of a marketing funnel, how he qualifies clients, and the three circles of strategic video marketing that need to be considered.

Do you talk strategy with your clients? How has that impacted your business? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!

In this episode:

  • How the role of video producers is shifting to video strategists
  • The 3 portions of a marketing funnel and how video can fit into it
  • How Ben qualifies clients before their discovery session
  • Finding opportunities to diversify your offerings and increase your revenue
  • The 3 critical elements of video marketing


“The ability to educate a potential client on the strategy side of what we can offer allows us to position ourselves as a better choice… because we care about the results of the video and care about their business.” 14:20

“When you start to look at it strategically the sales process becomes so much more effective and simpler.” 21:11

“When you’re clear on what the strategy is for any given piece of video content, chances are, it’s gonna be more effective and it’s going to align more closely with the actual goals the business has.” 28:37  


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