Does Your Business Have Any Real Value? How To Find Out w/ John Warrillow

June 11, 2018

As a business owner, you will eventually come to a point where if you want to grow further, you need to stop selling your product and start selling your company in order to thrive as a business. Instead of injecting your creativity into your product, you need to use that creativity to sustain and grow the company. John Warrillow explains exactly how to make this transition.

Productizing your creativity is what John and his company, Built to Sell, are all about. John has put over 20 years of research experience into his Value Builder System, and shares what he knows through his podcast, Built to Sell Radio and his best-selling books. Today we are highlighting the difference between being creative and creating a business, and how to make sure your company’s model is teachable, valuable and repeatable, so your brand can continue to grow. 

Are you willing to give up creativity in order to build a business of value and substance? Did this episode grind your gears a little? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!

In This Episode

  • The struggle between being creative and owning a successful business
  • How creative business can run into trouble and how to find the solutions
  • The secret behind benchmarking and adding recurring value to your clients
  • Creating a more valuable business through the Value Builder System


“You realize at some point you can’t go beyond this ceiling that you have put in place for yourself, because what you are selling is creativity, and by definition, you can’t replicate or scale creativity. It’s the conundrum that virtually every sort of artistic person binds themselves in.” (7:54)

“The secret out of this hamster wheel is figuring out and doing one thing better than everyone else.” (11:39)

“It’s always stuck with me that, in particular, creative businesses, are in a lot of ways are the hardest to make the transition, because by its very nature creativity is not something that scales to everybody well.” (20:38)


Be sure to take John’s 13-minute questionnaire and get the Value Builder Score for your business.  The Score (avg is 59) will let you know how you’re doing as measured against the 8 drivers of value. The goal is to get to at least an 80, the ideal is 90.

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