How to Define & Harness Your Unique Ability to Create Value w/ Preston True

October 29, 2018

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Have you been chasing one new idea after another so much that actually building and running your business has gotten away from you? Don’t sweat it! You’re not alone, and the good thing is there’s help. You have to get focused and organized, and I’ve got just the guy here to help tell you how to do it!

Smackdowner in chief Preston True helps entrepreneurs get organized so that they can realize their business’ full potential. He has the superhero ability to bring people clarity in designing and running their business around the EOS model. As he puts it, “I simplify, strategize, and challenge in order to create clarity and action from chaos.”

We lay the collective smackdown on how to pursue your professional dreams without making excuses and getting distracted. We discuss defining and harnessing your unique ability to create value and move your business in the direction that it needs to go. It takes a lot of self-reflection and commitment, but the value you’ll add as a result will be incredible.

What unique ability to you have to offer? Let us know in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • Having the perseverance to see your vision through (and what Sylvester Stallone can teach us about it)
  • The dangers of always playing it safe
  • Creating a clear path of action to achieving your business goals
  • Using EOS to help get your business in order
  • Harnessing your “unique ability” to create value and avoiding the situations that don’t take advantage of it


“If that business isn’t going quite like you would want it to, then let’s start with getting organized, let’s start with getting a clear picture of a brilliant future you want to paint and work backward to today to figure out what are the small, incremental, completely doable steps to getting there.” [04:00]

“The bottom line is, the more I serve, and if it’s aligned with my talents, passions, and energy, it’s going to grow exponentially and grow in a way that not just benefits me, but it’s going to create huge value in the world.” [11:11]

“You get paid to solve problems. If you aren’t crystal clear on how you solve problems best, then creating value is going to be a little bit of a mystery. And if it’s a little bit of mystery to you, it’s going to be a huge mystery to the marketplace.” [32:47]


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