Think Viral Video Campaigns Are All Luck? Think Again w/ Daniel Harmon

October 8, 2018

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What does it take to create a successful or viral video campaign? There are so many parts to the process, from selling clients on an idea, setting a budget, and assembling a creative team, that it might seem out of reach at times. Today, Daniel Harmon shares how he’s been able to do it over and over again.

Daniel is Chief Creative Officer at Harmon Brothers whose work you might be familiar with from their break-out hit Poo~Pourri campaign. All said, his projects have been seen over one billion times and Harmon Brothers has been consistently turning out smash-hit campaigns and winning awards for years. Daniel’s journey into creative directing has been a combination of hard work, determination, and happenstance. He’s a pro at coming up with creative ideas and putting them into action to create some unforgettable ad campaigns.

We discuss Daniel’s journey to creating a successful ad agency, he shares tips on growing a thriving business including dealing with staffing, putting creative ideas into action, and setting client expectations. He also talks about working within different budgets and moving up in the filmmaking world while staying true to his craft.

Is creating viral campaigns something that you want to achieve, and if so what do you see standing in your way? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!

In this episode

  • What it has been like building a company that turns out one great success after another
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people so that you can lead a team of fantastic creators
  • How to quote a budget to a client and the importance of building in a buffer
  • Why seeking constructive feedback is a crucial part of the creative process
  • Creating a work culture that is fun, exciting, and productive
  • How to get out of a creative rut (and why it might require spending more time in the bathroom)


“You don’t necessarily realize that you’re doing something special except for in hindsight. I think that’s the same for our own creative work as well as even reviewing other people’s work. It’s in looking back you realize that that was really amazing.” [17:56]

“When you come to a client and you have a really cool idea, or you’re taking on a project of any kind, always make sure you have more than what you need [in your budget].”  [29:43]

“We’re all human. We all make mistakes. We’re all in a process of learning no matter how much mastery we have at any given thing, we’re always pushing ourselves creatively.” [30:44]

“You know how much you love a job by how excited you are to go back to work on Monday. If you dread Mondays, you probably haven’t found your thing yet or your company.” [37:37]

“If I have this gift for a reason, if it’s to bless other people’s lives, how is that going to bless their lives, how is it going to uplift and inspire if no one ever sees it? And no one is ever going to see it if you don’t get the business side of it right.” [46:22]


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