How To Craft Messaging That Attracts Your Ideal Clients w/ Mark Wallenwine

August 27, 2018
Identifying your ideal customer sure is an overwhelming process. So is crafting a clear message that shows them that you understand and empathize with their problems and needs. My friend Mark Wallenwine understands that problem as well as anyone and I am so thrilled that he joins us today to discuss his step-by-step process of helping you craft the message you need to grow your business.
Mark is a StoryBrand certified guide and copywriter. He helps million dollar companies craft clear messages, clarify marketing assets, and discover the character of their brand and their target audience so that their business can grow. I am so thrilled that Mark was good enough to join me to share his proven methods for achieving this.
In this episode, Mark explains the steps of his workshop so you can see just how he helps brands narrow down their picture of their ideal client and clarify their message. It’s truly exciting and brimming with aha moments.
Have you been struggling to define your brand’s message and your ideal client? What’s seems to be the sticking point for you? Leave a comment below!
In this episode
  • Why identifying your target audience is perhaps the most crucial part of building your brand
  • The reasons why looking to your past clients is much more profitable than searching for new ones
  • Why your clients don’t need to be in the same industry or in even remotely similar types of business
  • Why a having a clear message is so much more important than a cool tagline
  • The importance of creating a sales funnel that ends in landing clients who know that you can solve their problems
  • The reasons why having good copywriting is essential to getting your ideal client and growing your business
“Everyone is talking about the next best camera or thinking that that will solve all these problems. But your customers don’t even know about the next best camera or care…. That doesn’t solve their problems at all. Actually, that’s the greatest way to divebomb your profitability.”  [10:07] -17:46
“In a business matrix, new products and new customers are the most dangerous places to be because you have no data on them. So when we’re talking about customers, old customers with products you’ve made, are the safest place, because you know how long the projects take, you know how much was invested in them, you also know why they came to you, what problems they have, how you solved those problems.” [14:25]
“If you can resonate with how someone is feeling about a problem and talk about that in a way using language in a video or copy that is exactly like how they are thinking, then their brain literally goes ‘Oh my goodness! They’re speaking exactly what I’m thinking. They must have a solution for me.’ When you follow that up with a solution to their problem they go, ‘I have to buy this. Please take my money!” [36:32]
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