Why Your Mindset Can Be Your Biggest Struggle w/ Dallin Nead

March 11, 2019

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Perhaps the biggest difference between an entrepreneur that makes it and one who doesn’t is their mindset. Being intentional on how you overcome your internal conflicts makes all the difference. Few know this better than my guest today.

Dallin Nead, with Content Supply, has been working in corporate, travel, film and broadcast video production for over ten years. His work has taken him all over the globe as he makes outstanding content to help people and businesses share their stories. Dallin is a filmmaking entrepreneur focused on helping other entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by providing strategy, production, and distribution service.  

Today, you’re going to hear about how Dallin got into helping other entrepreneurs through video. He’s learned a lot along the way and he shares some key concepts about the importance of mindset and how it differentiates you as a freelancer or business owner.

Dallin also tells us about his sales process that he uses to connect with potential clients who may not have realized that they want video services. Dallin is a big fan of getting retainer clients and he tells us why you should be too. He also tells us how he takes existing models from other businesses and adapts it to serve his clients and himself.

How do you approach your internal conflicts with a mindset that leads to success? Leave a comment below!

In this episode:

  • How following your passions will lead to more fulfillment than just doing what society asks of you
  • Why mindset can be your biggest struggle as a business owner and how you can take control of it
  • Following a simple sales process to land clients who may not otherwise have wanted your services
  • How to get high paying retainer clients and what to offer them
  • How you can shoot over six months of content in just two days


“To actually make a career that I have full autonomy with and I can have deeper connections and be more creative I needed to be an entrepreneur by way of filmmaking.” [16:05]

“A remarkable story involves conflict and the hardest conflict to overcome is internal.” [18:23]

“It’s taking existing models and adapting it to a way that you can serve who you want to serve. That’s where I think innovation and revolution may come in and really benefit people by bringing in new eyes to tried and true principles that have always been around.” [34:14]


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