How To Start Over & Still Stand Out From The Competition w/ Jeff Pickett

November 5, 2018

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I would guess that when you first launched your business you felt isolated, lost, and on your own. It’s okay, I did too. Deciding how to advertise, what to charge, and how to get on your feet is new and uncertain ground. You might have felt pressured to be the best out there and stand out among all the competition right out of the gate. I bet that was exhausting! Today, Jeff Pickett is going to share some great lessons he learned when he got started to help you navigate your own journey.

Jeff is the founder of Media by JP in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he does video production for commercial social media content and weddings. Before recently reinventing his professional life as a video producer, Jeff worked in healthcare marketing and restaurants. Now Jeff makes videos that get right to the emotional heart of his subjects.

In this interview, Jeff talks about how he transitioned to video production after working for years in other fields. Jeff wasn’t too afraid to ask other video producers for advice about getting his business up and running. He talks about what it’s like to stand out from the crowd while also learning from it and building a business that is true to his own entrepreneurial values.

What did you struggle the most with when starting your business? How did you overcome those challenges? Let me know in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • Transitioning into a new career in video
  • Deciding that you can’t do it all on your own and getting help from the experts
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared to ask your “competitors” for advice
  • Ways you can give back and help other entrepreneurs, even if you don’t have much money
  • Setting financial goals and celebrating the wins
  • The importance of being patient when making sales and following up with something valuable to offer
  • The value of sharing ideas within a community and learning from each other


“Confidence is just a pain in the butt. Why do we struggle with that so much? But that’s really the big piece that I needed. I needed to know that I was valued.” [13:13]

“I think that there is something really tangible to providing emotional branding versus just ‘buy, buy, buy.’” [26:02]

“You gotta take time out to celebrate, but then you gotta get your head back in the game and you just have to keep thinking about how can I get better and better.” [33:24]

“When you hit a struggle, brainstorm all the different ways you can get around that and over that. Talk to other people, marinate on it, sleep on it, and then come back to it. The solution, often times will come.”  [50:32]


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