How To Conquer Your Fears & The Haters w/ Ryan Welch

February 25, 2019

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Imagine if you were so afraid to try filmmaking that you never did it. Sure, most of us have been scared at some point in our professional journeys. That’s okay. There are times when a little fear is healthy. Not allowing that fear to hold you back and share what you can create is the important part.

Ryan Welch is the owner and Creative Director of AO Films in Oregon, a small team of filmmakers and creative collective. Ryan has a lifelong passion for telling great stories using the power of images. He has directed and shot a number of award-winning films with a blend of narrative and documentary storytelling.

In this interview, we talk about fear and how it will dictate what we do and don’t do if we let it. It begins with being part of your client’s team so that you can work together as smoothly and openly as possible. We talk about how it also comes from having intentionality and purpose in your work so that it aligns with your values. Ryan goes on to shed some light on how he finds validation in his work that is not related to external criticism.

How do you create great work without letting fear and worry hold you back? Leave a comment below!

In this episode:

  • Working with clients who are passionate and great to collaborate with
  • The “magic” formula for finding your perfect clients
  • How being intentional can start with something as simple as your name
  • Not letting the haters keep you from doing the work that you truly care about
  • Using your passion projects to find more work
  • Getting the funding you need to pursue your passion projects


“Ultimately, you have to follow your desires and the things that you want as a company, the things that you’re passionate about.” [10:29]

“As much as you can, eliminate fear from what you’re doing.” [23:56]

“Create and do things that make you come alive and put them out for the world to see. And if people don’t connect with it, then who cares? That’s their issue, not yours.” [25:47]

“Finding a way to overcome that fear of other people’s judgment of what you’re doing is something that I think if you can figure out early on, you’re going to be better off.” [27:06]

“There is a desire for content. And if you have a great story, there’s somebody out there who will listen to you.” [38:31]


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