Why You Need To Make Time For Passion Projects & How They Pay Off w/ Lee Morton

August 13, 2018

Being a filmmaker often means chasing the clients and the work while leaving your passion projects on the backburner. It’s often easier, even “safer” not to do the work that truly speaks to your creative side, even though that work can open more doors and help you grow as a creator and artist.

Lee Morton is the founder of Mozell Films, a company that helps brands tell their stories through video, while also doing freelance work as a director. In today’s episode, he not only shares his knowledge on how to build successful business connections, but we also go deep into what it means to create work that you’re truly passionate about.

Lee’s entrepreneurial journey is truly inspiring. He built his company from scratch by making gutsy decisions and snagging the best opportunities that came his way. Today, we discuss how to chase your dreams without regret and how to grow as an artist while also building and running a successful business.

Do you have a passion project you’ve been putting off? Or, has such a project paid dividends you never expected? Let me know in the comments on the show notes page!

In This Episode:

  • How to make your brand stand out from the crowd by being unique in the way you hustle
  • The importance of having a sales process, making the right connections, and having patience in order to land work with the big brands.
  • What passion projects mean to the industry and why they should be an essential part of your business
  • Taking control of the production process so that the work that your not fired up about makes the work you are excited about possible
  • The importance of keeping your team passionate in the work you’re all doing
  • How having trust in your creative process and that of others will help you overcome so many struggles


“I think the one thing that I’ve been inspired by the most is simply opportunity. You can do anything you want in this world. You can create a project and make something and put it in front of anyone. And that is incredibly inspiring.” [13:22]

“I want to be the best at whatever I do because I know I’ll be more fulfilled that way and I’ll be able to serve people better than being a mediocre something.” [31:25]

“This is an orchestra of people serving a story, so they’re all independent relationships. Serve them and their human spirit because that is what humanity is about. If you do that we’re all going to be one hundred percent into this story and this project” [42:22]


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