How To Make Sure Your Business & Values Are Working Together w/ Krista Chapman

October 15, 2018

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Knowing your core values and implementing them into your work is perhaps the most important thing you can do to stay in business for the long haul. Your core values are the roadmap to getting the jobs and clients you’re excited about while staying flexible enough to ride the inevitable changes in the market. Today, Krista Chapman is going to tell us how it’s done!

Krista is an event planner turned business and marketing strategist. She’s the founder of Path & Compass where she helps creative business owners think critically about their audiences and appreciate what they create so they can be intentional about their work.

In this exciting episode, Krista drops some truth bombs about the importance of valuing your self-worth as a business owner and creative. You have to understand that you are worth more than that nagging voice inside your head would have you believe.

You also need to be adaptable. The world is changing and so is the market. Staying true to your core values while adapting to the changes around you is essential in order to keep your business thriving for the long run.

What are your core values? How do they play out in your business? Let us know in the comments below!

In this episode

  • The number one struggle faced by business owners and why it’s probably not what you think
  • Creating routines and buffers to help you surmount doubts that get in the way of building your business
  • Identifying your core values so you can build the business you’re passionate about
  • Being adaptable so that you don’t get left behind as the market changes
  • Why it can be essential to have a business partner
  • Identifying your “super skill” that you can apply to everything you do


“As creatives and as artists, we play a very important role sort above the layer of survival. We play a role in that layer of thriving which is so much more important and so much more meaningful in creating a life that has purpose and beauty.” [22:04]

“When it comes to being successful… it’s not about how passionate you are. It’s not about how skilled you are. It’s about how well you know yourself and how resilient and adaptable you are.” [33:16]

“If we’re not being mindful of the work that we’re putting out there or how things are changing in the market, that’s when things can fall apart without you even realizing it.”  [38:14]

“The best thing you can do in business is to find the gap and fill it with another person that meets you halfway.” [47:44]


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