The Entrepreneurial Pep Talk You Need To Hear w/ Steph Crowder

May 7, 2018

We may specialize in filmmaking, but we’re still entrepreneurs, and we struggle with all the same things that every other entrepreneur struggles with, too. Steph Crowder gives us tons of mic drops about some of those same struggles that she’s faced and how we can work through them.

Steph is Head of Member Success at, co-hosts the Fizzle podcast as well as her own podcast Courage + Clarity, and is also a business coach for people who are hungry for meaningful, independent work in their life.

Today, Steph talks with us about being present in the journey and appreciating the now, as well as dropping some truth bombs on imposter syndrome and how to get past it. She also talks about building community and gives us some very concrete, actionable tips on getting amazing interviews in our corporate and documentary films.

Do you deal with imposter syndrome and impossible expectations of yourself? Share a story on the episode page about how these feelings have held you back or how you get through them!

In this episode:

  • The importance of living in the present and some ways to remind yourself to do so
  • Mega truth bombs about imposter syndrome as a filmmaker and entrepreneur
  • What kind of leader you should be if you want to build community and make an impact
  • Steph’s strategies for getting powerful responses from interviewees and hooking your viewers


“If you don’t love it now, if you don’t feel that feeling of gratitude now, you’re not gonna feel it when you reach some arbitrary goal.” 7:17

“If you’re coming to the table with that not-enough-ness, I think it’s a sign that you’re expecting too much from yourself” 16:44

“People tend to wait for clarity before they take action, but something that I’ve realized is that clarity comes from action” 30:31


Steph’s gift to us: The 15 Minute Weekly Planner

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