How To Use Crowdfunding & Creative Financing Effectively w/ Brandon Adams

May 21, 2018

Do you have any passion projects that you’ve been dreaming of creating for years, but never had the money to make happen? Most of us have projects we’d love to work on, but without a client to fund them these types of projects clearly require a different approach to financing. 

Brandon Adams is the executive producer and co-host of Success In Your City, a reality show currently in production all about success and the different ways that different people define it all over the country. He also has a background in crowdfunding and serves as a consultant or advisor for various companies.

Today he talks to us about how he has found smaller sponsors in each city that they film in order to bring his vision of the project to life, as well as how to get creative about what’s received in exchange for that sponsorship. He also discusses his unique approach to creating a show, and what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

How have you used crowdfunding or creative financing to produce projects? Let us know in the comments!

In this episode:

  • The importance of being exposed to different definitions of success
  • Brandon’s alternative way of finding a network for the show
  • How he finds small sponsorships in each city
  • What to do or avoid when crowdfunding


“When you think of success, you think of power, success, money. But it’s more than that.” 7:53

“Leading up to each episode, it is somewhat stressful, it is a grind, it is a lot of work, but when we’re in those 4 days of filming, it’s like a dream come true.” 18:01

“I believe [success is] being the best you can be, and enjoying what you do, and always growing.” 10:39


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