How To Make Room For Education In Your Business w/ Jen Moon

August 7, 2017

Ok, so first off I want to share that Matt and I were called out by one of our followers a couple of weeks ago about the lack of women we have on the podcast. This was by no means an intentional decision but rather a result of us just being better networked with male filmmakers and educators.

We’re super appreciative of the feedback and we’re going to be making a much greater effort to find talented, strong, female filmmakers who can bring a different perspective to what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry (although not for long!)

Jennifer Moon is the founder of Northernlight Filmworks, as well as The Posh Retreat, an annual conference focussed on women filmmakers and photographers that is going into its seventh year this fall.

After 11 years in the film industry, she noticed how at pretty much every conference, the majority of speakers were male, and if there was a woman on stage, she was likely accompanied (and perhaps talked over) by her husband. As a passionate educator, she realized that there was a gap that needed filling and the annual retreat was born.

Today we talk about the importance of continuing to educate ourselves as our businesses grow, some of the struggles female filmmakers face working in this industry, the first task you should be outsourcing when you’re starting out, and a whole lot more.

We’d love to hear from our female listeners. What challenges do you come up against on a daily or weekly basis in this industry? Which women in the film industry do you look up to that we should be reaching out to to have on the show? Let us know in the comments!


* For all of our female listeners, you can get a $50 discount off of The Posh Retreat by using the discount code: sherpa50 * 


In this episode:

  • Why education is one of the most important investments we can make
  • How to find a good bookkeeper and why this might be the most important task for you to outsource
  • You’ll never believe how long Jen waited to upgrade her cameras, and her mentality behind it
  • Some struggles women in the industry face that men might not be aware of



“I just felt like women needed more of a voice in our industry. And after doing this for seven years, I’m seeing this huge shift of more and more women being more vocal in our industry.” [7:41]

“Some people will think that going to these conferences is ‘oh my gosh, that’s so much money, I just don’t know if I can afford it.’ I feel like when I come back from something like that, my business grows enough that it makes up for it.” [13:25]

“Just don’t give up. There’s been so many times that I’m like ‘I just don’t even know if I can do this anymore. Maybe I should just go get a nine to five job and do something else.’ Some days I’m like, ‘Maybe I should just work at Starbucks.’ But I love it.” [22:01]


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