How To Balance Creativity And Business Success w/ Kristine & Calen Rhome of White In Revery

August 6, 2018

Striking a balance between your creative side and developing your business is tough. How do you stay true to your artistic talents while also growing a successful business? Videographer power-couple Kristine and Calen Rhome join us today to talk about how they’ve built up a successful videography business without compromising their artistic visions.

Kristine and Calen run White in Revery which they started six years ago. While they specialize in wedding videos, they do a lot more as well. Ask them what they do and they might just answer “millennial jobs.” Traveling around the world to shoot in some amazing locations, these super-entrepreneurs have found the sweet spot in running a successful business that showcases their talents but still leaves them the time and energy to focus on their family.

Not wanting to keep all their knowledge to themselves, Kristine and Calen now share what they know with one-on-one workshops and have created a comprehensive masterclass on video editing.

In this podcast, we also talk about the importance of establishing an efficient workflow, how to cultivate personal relationships in different sectors of the industry, and how to let your work sell itself. Perhaps most importantly, we discuss why investing in yourself is essential. If you feel that your business is stagnating because you’ve reached the limits of your skill-set or are taking on too much yourself, then get prepared for an illuminating episode.

How do you build your business while maintaining your artistic mindset? How have you built beneficial relationships with others? Leave us a comment below!

In this episode:

  • Why it’s important to hire an employee even if you don’t think you need one yet
  • Why building relationships and nurturing connections with all sorts of people will get you more work
  • How prioritizing family and your personal life will be reflected positively in your business
  • The importance of always learning and improving your game, even though it may seem too expensive and time-consuming


“It has always been really difficult to let go and have someone else in place of you that represents your team, who can film your style well. The biggest part is having really good character, so they connect with the couple on a great level.”

“It’s really important, for me personally, to be spending money on myself, on the knowledge I have.”

“Love what you do … Enjoy the process, do your best, but put out things that you’re proud of.”


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