About Studio Sherpas

Studio Sherpas was founded for the sole purpose of helping others grow their video businesses.

A sherpa is a mountain guide; sherpas don’t make people climb a mountain - they show people that have a strong desire and passion HOW to climb a mountain…. where to step, what to avoid, when to go, when to keeping pushing, and when to stop and rest.

With a community of over 13,000 filmmakers and video producers, Studio Sherpas has online courses, training resources, as well as a weekly podcast that hosts filmmakers, business consultants, and entrepreneurs to encourage and challenge us all to climb higher in our businesses.

Climbing higher in the film and video world means growing profits, building a bigger team, guiding your clients through the sales process instead of being forceful or salesy - whatever area in your business that needs help whether you’re a freelancer or studio owner - this community is built to help you achieve your goals.

Running his own successful video business at Tell Studios, this sherpa (or guide) Ryan Koral shares with you ways to grow your own video business and guide your own clients so you can enjoy being a business owner without sacrificing your creativity any longer!