Studio Sherpas exists to help you grow your video business.

You have the passion and the desire to build an incredible video business – Studio Sherpas is here to help you navigate the climb. We’ve walked this road before, and we can help you figure out what works and what to avoid, when to keep pushing, and when to stop and rest, so you can enjoy the view from the top.

Ryan Koral


Who We Are

The Sherpas of the Himalayas are famous for guiding travelers on their treks up the mountains. A Sherpa’s job is not to make anyone climb – travelers have to bring the passion and drive.

Instead, the Sherpas use their experience to show others how to climb the mountain, which path to take, where to step, and what to avoid.

Similarly, the Studio Sherpas community exists to guide you on your way, while you bring your passion to build the type of business you’ve always wanted.

We provide encouragement and accountability through our membership community, online courses and training, as well as a weekly podcast, where we chat with successful filmmakers, business consultants, and entrepreneurs. Everything we do exists to encourage and challenge us all to climb higher in our businesses.

Our community has grown to over 13,000 filmmakers and video producers, and we’d love for you to join us!



Head Sherpa, Ryan Koral, has booked multiple six-figure jobs in his own video business, filmed all over the world, and worked with iconic brands and celebrities, using his repeatable process.

Through the Video Business Academy, Studio Sherpas will teach this same process to you.

All you need to do is:

Invest in the Video Business Academy

Apply the Course Lessons

Take Part in the Community

Watch Your Business Grow!