Time For A Party! 100th Episode Bash!

November 26, 2018

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Where to even begin? I’ve been thinking a lot about the significance of this milestone over the past few weeks as we’ve been approaching this episode and while I recognize it as a meaningful achievement, it’s also incredibly humbling. And in this episode, I want to share some of my personal lessons, some insight into the exciting future of Studio Sherpas, as well as turn over the mic to our community.

The past two years of Studio Sherpas have been filled with countless ups, downs, triumphs, and struggles, both personally, and professionally. But the constant driving force for me has always been you, the listeners and this incredible community built together. Whether you’ve been with us since last week, or from episode 1 over two years ago, there’s no such thing as Studio Sherpas without you.

In this episode, we hear from a number of our listeners, past guests, a former co-host, as well as me, Ryan as I share some of my takeaways from our guests and community, as well as a look ahead at what’s next for Studio Sherpas and how you can be a part of it!

If you weren’t able to get an audio clip in for the episode but want to share how Studio Sherpas has had an impact, big or small, on your business and/or life, please, please, PLEASE leave me a comment below!


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Thanks to the following members of our Sherpas community who sent their congratulatory messages!

Matt Davis of Harvest Filmworks & Lifestage Films

Cory Malkin of Malkin Made Films

Mark Skala of Skalawag Productions

Lauren Goldstein of Golden Key PartnershipGuest of Episode 95

Caleb Wojcik of Caleb Wojcik FilmsGuest of Episode 61

Mariana Keller of Brooklyn Filmworks

Caleb Peavy of UnmutableGuest of Episode 59

David Aguilar of Archaius CreativeGuest of Episode 31

Mike Schmidt of Agency MastermindGuest of Episode 91

Jeremy Enns of Counterweight Creative & Cut The Bullshit Podcasting

Doug Darling of Tripwire MediaGuest of Episode 75

Ben Amos of Innovate MediaGuest of Episode 73

Hayley Akins of Motion HatchGuest of Episode 57

David Rabalais of Rabalais Creative

Alexander Hollis Widmer of Vessul Creative

Tina Pham of Pham Transcription Services & My Office Owl (coming soon)

Jason Magbanua – Guest of Episode

Trivinia Barber of Priority VAGuest of Episode 92

PJ Accetturo of Story Frame CreativeGuest of Episode 70

Jordan Bunch of Ladybird Studios and host of Wedding Film Academy PodcastGuest of Episode 39

Jon Connor of Jon Connor FilmsGuest of Episode 4